Independent and secure with satellite communication

With our satellite communication systems, we connect facilities and enterprises at every location in the world. We therefore enable the measurement, control and regulation of plant installations or the recording of operational data as well as the broadband transmission of language, images and data. This is how we make our international clients independent of regional infrastructure and the availability of terrestrial connections.

With many years of experience and unique technical know-how, we support our clients in successfully mastering the challenges which they face in their various branches of industry. On the basis of  tried-and-tested solutions, we provide telecommunications in areas with weak infrastructure, enable the transmission of remote control data of technical installations and supply secure communication paths in the remote areas of our globe. Onshore and offshore, we support energy suppliers with telecommunications in the expansion of renewable energy and accompany utility enterprises in all regions in the safe distribution of gas, water and electricity.



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Company group with strong partners
Global Sky Park (GSP) GmbH domiciled in Frankfurt am Main in Germany is active as the holding for the GSP local subsidiaries and the European subsidiary EuroSkyPark. One of the shareholders of GSP is the Luxembourg-based P&T Capital, a 100 percent subsidiary of the Luxenbourg Postes &Telecommunications.

Thus our competences and resources are pooled under the GSP umbrella. We are a powerful company group whose know-how, innovative force and capacities represent a novelty in the growing market segment of satellite communications.