Thomas Maul

is  the managing partner and founder of  the companies Global Sky Park GmbH (GSP) and EuroSkyPark GmbH (ESP). He holds fifty percent of the shares of GSP. As an engineer specialising in electrotechnology/telecommunications, he has been the driving force behind the development of the technical solutions of GSP and ESP and holds numerous patents. Thomas Maul combines this profound technical knowledge with experience in building up  a company and an in-depth understanding of the market. Internationally focussed, in Germany, he is one of the pioneers in the field of communications infrastructures for the transition to renewable energy.

In July 2013, Thomas Maul was able to win P&T Capital, a hundred percent subsidiary of P&T Luxembourg (the leading post and telecommunications provider in the Grand Duchy) as a 50 percent partner of GSP. P&T Capital prevailed in a bidding process against a British and a French investor. The excellent potential of the GSP business model and the good development possibilities in international business are of enormous long term interest for the investor.


Dr. Frank Sauer

With more than 20 years of experience Frank Sauer adviced companies and enterpreneurs in the topics of corporate development and M&A transactions.

Dr Frank Sauer is a certified public accountant and, as CFO, contributes his expertise in finance and management to the global development of GSP.



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